Speak to me in pictures; Listen to me the same.  The Art of Painting is a continuing exploration.  I am drawn to intimate scenes and people.  Where is the inward thought; a pre-occupied hand?  The slight gesture of unguarded moments; the revelation of a vulnerable humanity.  Turning to Nature, I admire the courage of salt grass at the edge of waters;  I find strength in a view flushed by the tides of immense ocean;  I face the raw sublime and yield to the veiled calm of a serene sky.  My advice to anyone wanting to make or appreciate art is simple --Look to the image that speaks to you of Nature and of Human Nature.  Approach these with patience, energy, care.  I use traditional media and methods.  I am not alone but am heartened by the vast energy pouring into the arts of our time.  We are privileged to be part of it.

It has been my pleasure to contribute to the Invitational Marinscapes Landscape Exhibition for the second year in a row in this spring.

I’ve also been honored this fall to participate in the Baywood Artists, ONETAM landscape exhibition this fall.

I considered it a great honor to receive the commission to paint the posthumous portrait of my good friend Curt Hanson and wonderful landscape painter out of Connecticut and a long time friend of mine.

In January I spent time at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton sketching and taking photographs of United States Marines in training on amphibious assault vehicles.

I attended the Combat Art Symposium at the National Museum of the Marine Corps to give a presentation of my paintings in their permanent collection.

I am about to set off for a grand adventure of three weeks painting in the desert of Southern California for another enlarged project. More about that later.

And there’s talk of an exhibition coming up in January or February but no details yet, I don’t want to disturb the negotiations.

I’ve had sales, commission, exhibitions and just a grand old time working in my studio. Life is good.

below is the article from Marin Magazine in May 2017. My painting, The Point Bonita Light was featured on the cover that month with this story inside.