Speak to me in pictures; Listen to me the same.  The Art of Painting is a continuing exploration.  I am drawn to intimate scenes and people.  Where is the inward thought; a pre-occupied hand?  The slight gesture of unguarded moments; the revelation of a vulnerable humanity.  Turning to Nature, I admire the courage of salt grass at the edge of waters;  I find strength in a view flushed by the tides of immense ocean;  I face the raw sublime and yield to the veiled calm of a serene sky.  My advice to anyone wanting to make or appreciate art is simple --Look to the image that speaks to you of Nature and of Human Nature.  Approach these with patience, energy, care.  I use traditional media and methods.  I am not alone but am heartened by the vast energy pouring into the arts of our time.  We are privileged to be part of it.