The Art of Painting is a continuing exploration.  I am drawn to intimate scenes and people.  Where is the inward thought; a pre-occupied hand?  The slight gesture of unguarded moments; the revelation of a vulnerable humanity.  Turning to Nature, I admire the courage of salt grass at the edge of waters;  I find strength in a view flushed by the tides of immense ocean;  I face the raw sublime and yield to the veiled calm of a serene sky.  My advice to anyone wanting to make or appreciate art is simple --Look to the image that speaks to you of Nature and of Human Nature.  Approach these with patience, energy, care.  I use traditional media and methods.  I am not alone but am heartened by the vast energy pouring into the arts of our time.  We are privileged to be part of it.

John Deckert was born in Munich Germany; Naturalized Citizen of the United States; Bachelor of Arts from Austin College; Lived in New York City more than 20 years.  He participated in group and one man exhibitions during this time including the Allen Stone Gallery and Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue.  He worked as preparator for the Allen Frumkin Gallery and wrote essays on the contemporary scene for ARTS Magazine.  As the paintings shed their mantle of abstract imagery, they became figurative and realistic.  After a year in Paris, John returned to New York.

In 2003 John arrived in California with its buoyant open studio environment.  Bay Area drawing studios provide a lively mix of working from clothed and nude models.  He continues with participation in group and one man shows to date.  John’s work is influenced by images coming from the West Coast tradition of direct observation painting and he continues to enjoy the outdoor environment in the Plein Air tradition.