Design and construction

I've spent the last few days trying out design formats for presenting the images and the associated information.  The solution I've hit on is to embed title, media, dimensions and authorship into the image itself.  Anne wants machine readable information on each image as well.  So a certain duplication of effort but there are some advantages.   I'm also pondering the idea of limiting the resolution for each image, possibly as low as 640 pixels.  This results in an adequate but less than optimal visual presentation. Not sure if I should go with this idea.  It has the advantage of diminishing the opportunity to copy digital images for private or commercial use elsewhere such as Chinese "Handmade" art factories and American digital printers.  I'm also trying to remember that currently I am paying for server space in two locations, and  So I want to cut one of them soon.  The objective is to reduce that to one website that can be modified without special software and which permits e-commerce. And that is Squarespace, which is working out pretty well.   Disturbing news . . . it appears that I cannot place an image into a blog post.  Hmmm.