When you stumble upon great poetry

A recent conversation about the work of a third person, another painter.

Am I so mistaken?

"The Other Guy" - Having now seen several such works by this artist all I see is incredible craftsmanship but absolutely no empathy. This painting lacks joy, celebration, or love. I am saddened that this is what the best and brightest have to offer back to the world for all that has been given to them. I must ask, who would buy this and hang in their living room?

Me - Ok, I'm growing weary of this kind of talk. I've seen it growing everywhere and it is mistaken. An artist has NO obligation to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. It is not his job to make you happy.

"The Other Guy" - Mistaken? From your point of view perhaps. Perhaps it is intolerance for opposing views that is mistaken. Would you rather that everyone just shut up when they don't agree with you?

Me - It is YOU sir who has a view opposing all that the arts puts before you. And I am not trying to shut ANYONE up. I am trying to teach you not to insist on pretty where there is none. Not to demand easy entertainment when you stumble upon great poetry.

To assume art is only pretty is foolish. Some art is ugly. Art should make us feel something, even if that something is lack. I would put forth that a great artist could create a piece that could create a emotional void in its viewer.
— Josh Duckett
The diplomacy of artist to artist is an important topic. Millard Sheets taught me how to deal with other artists graciously. I always praise my fellow artists no matter what my private opinion (only my wife knows!). Many have ego issues and insecurities. Some try to advance themselves by putting down on others. Those i try to avoid and take great care with if I can’t. The opinion of what the purpose of the artist is I think is important but there are as many answers as there are artists. to be arrogant in saying anyones view is the only correct one is not valid.
— John Hewitt