Presentation to the Chiefs

I was a volunteer fireman on Long Island for some years. 

So I have some idea what the local uniformed services had to deal with during the wildfires of last year.  

All the heroic labels and stars on the uniforms aside, I know it’s a dangerous and unpredictable business.


Now I live here in Santa Rosa and I like it very much.  

I am an artist.  A painter.  I do portraits in Oil.  


I wanted to say thank you to some of the main people who participated in the fire event of last October.

This is how I can do that. With paintings.


So, I met with Mayor Mr Coursey and the Santa Rosa City Council to acknowledge the uniformed community leaders who were on duty in October of 2017 

You were not able to be at the presentation of portrait paintings I made to Santa Rosa Fire Chief Anthony Goessner.  Santa Rosa Police Chief Hank Schreeder. And Director of CalFire Ken Pimlott.  


I am happy to be here today to present this painting to you, Sherriff Giordano

The inscription on the frame of each of the paintings reads “In recognition of those on duty who rose to that daunting task October 8, 2017.”


I can say to you without reservation, Thank you for your service.