An Adult Test

These guys condemn those guys and those guys condemn these guys right back. Did I understand that right? So a lot of condemnation floating around these days, heh? I think acknowledging the wrong doing is completely appropriate. But a little (maybe a lot) of examining motives, values and sharing of personal experiences of all the people involved is more powerful than some abstract distant "condemnation".
I think those kids are going to feel the heat with all this publicity and I think that kid right in his face has got to be impressed by the patience, tenacity and personal pride of the older man. I certainly was. In fact, this confrontation put the strength of that old man's faith on display for all to witness. Courage and decency right there in front of those kids. They may never have witnessed an adult tested so. May never have experienced such rooted hope for the future. Possibly they found it frightening or maybe even that modern standby, "amazing!"