Off Nicasio Valley Road

I love this early stage of a painting. 
Nothing but flow.


Here's something I wrote while looking at the picture 
of a scene captured by the photographer and writer
Jim Lindsey who lives on the Atlantic Coast- 

A conversation with my watch:

Water "Come enjoy our cool shimmering dance."

Stone "We are broken, rough and uneven but hold fast."

Moss "Cling to strength but learn to breathe in water."

Dirt "Accumulate in any opening. The accidental seed will arrive in time."

Tree "I take my chances, one by one. See in the distance? We are myriad"

Cloud "Be soft. Take light. Imagine yourself to be anything."

Me "I am here but I must go."

And elsewhere --

Here is my advice to a Sabin Howard, a sculptor 
struggling with a committee.

You must convince them of this:
1.) the importance of this scale as it relates to your human audience.

2.) the importance of a dramatic narrative to give context to our shared history.

3.) the powerful emotional forces expressed in the visual poetry of the narrative.