The desire to have everything correct

I understand the desire to have everything correct but I am reminded of a quote from Picasso. He was once confronted by a spectator who complained that the proportions were off on a female figure in his composition. 

She said, “Mr. Picasso, that woman’s arm is too long.” 
He replied, “That is not a woman madam; It is a painting.”


Response to comments on a Norman Rockwell painting where one is that a guys arm is too long and another said one figure has a cell phone in his pocket.
Oh lordy ! 
Item #1.)
From his dress, anyone back in the day would have recognized the guy on the left as a delivery man of some sort. Back in the day they would have kept track of their business in a pocket notebook like that. No one walked around with their wallet hanging out. 
Item #2.)
I'm checking profiles of those who respond to see who is likely to have some idea of what is what in a painting and I'm coming up short here. Block me. Delete me. Report me. I'm just tired of trying to have serious conversations that get clouded by "everybody's knowledge is equal to everyone else's knowledge." I know, I know. You've all got your own opinion. But you don't walk into a friends house and start complaining about the furniture. You either enjoy yourself or stay away. 
Item #3.) 
We should all learn to come to a work of art with an open mind. Try to find what IS there instead of what you don't like. It's good practice for being around other people too.

I know this will be drowned out by all the people running around in a form of hysteria but:
These "multiple friend requests" everyone gets are all fake. Just ignore them. I believe them to be an effort to destroy the credibility of the social network by seeding it with fake everything. Just stick with your friends and choose them wisely. Stop listening to the bots that try to get into every open seam of your life or soon you won't even trust your own mother.