A brilliant figurative painter argues that his is the only true figurative art

And my response:
”You put the link to an article about Nazis packing Madison Square Garden between your two posts about the only true strain of figurative art being that which you profess and all other forms of figurative art having a bad aesthetic "smell". That's an unfortunate bracket for your argument and makes me wonder what you would do with the rest of us. Now I think you have done some fine figurative work but I want to remind you that the art world has seen many of these arguments come and go and it never fails to surprise me when I hear some version of

"Me and all my friends are SUPERIOR to you and all your friends!"

It could have been the Impressionists against the Academicians; the Cubist v. Impressionists; Expressionists v. Photo Realists; Conceptualist v. Minimalists; Naive v. Atelier Schooled.

Steve -- Will you proclaim the necessity of a WALL to be built around the museums and galleries to keep the stinking common artists out?

I don't think so . . . or I hope not. So relax. Enjoy the virtues of the beautiful work you do and the privilege you have of working from paid live models in a nice studio with paying students. Not everyone is so fortunate. “