a small gesture

On November 14, 2005, Michael Fay photographed two young Marines 
standing guard in Iraq.  Two days later, one of those brave Marines, 
Lance Corporal Roger Deeds, was killed in action.  
With permission from Michael Fay and Charles Grow, I used that photograph 
as the basis for a painting for the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  
The painting is now in the permanent collection.  
Lance Corporal Deeds’ mother saw an image of my painting 
and contacted Michael Fay about how to get a copy.  
Michael sent her inquiry to me and I arranged to have a copy made 
for her by Rudinec and Associates Printers, the company that produces prints 
for the Museum.  
When I shared the story with them, 
they graciously offered to add a frame to the print.  
In this way, Michael Fay, Rudinec Printers, and I 
have all combined our expressions of gratitude 
to gift Mrs. Deeds with an image of her son 
and his service to our country.  
It is an admittedly small gesture, but it is deeply felt.

Semper Fidelis,

John D