an artist who complains wealth dominates the community pushes and the arts out

I reply —When "extreme progressive artists, out-of-touch with our regional vibe," flourish along with extreme cost of rentals it's a sign these guys don't enjoy their place in life and feed the need to rise above by filling it with investment greed.

He says —doesn’t help the arts at all!

I reply —They don't look at it as something to be appreciated. It's an investment. They want their money to WORK for them. They want their money to appreciate.

He says —Yes, well, it’s very hard for the artists and general community to “enjoy” what they’re getting behind. I don’t think they even know that. You’re saying maybe they don’t even care?

I reply —I think they DO care. I bet if you go into the Walton's home, where they actually live, eat and sleep, you'll find paintings that are comforting to them. Paintings that DO celebrate your "regional vibe . . . tradition and natural beauty" Well, among the older generation at least. But when they have to find a place to park the big money, it's an investment. Where your paintings and mine might go from $1,000 to $5,000 in ten years, a Jasper Johns will go from $2.5 million to $30 million. In a sense, they are just being practical with their money. Once you lose sight of personal values and embrace marketplace economics on a global scale the little landscape in a nice frame on the wall in your bedroom won't give the boost you need to wake up in the morning. LOL . I feel sorry for them. I really do.

He says —makes sense, and I am privy to some knowledge that they appreciate landscapes and such. But still doesn’t explain why they only put educational foundation money behind progressive art, unless they are trying to grow their investment through endorsing their investment strategy. Money corrupts.

I reply —Teach them John. They won't know it until someone tells them. They won't know it until someone SHOWS them.

He says —hell ya!!

I reply —Just not with anger. You are a teacher here. This is your classroom. Be patient with your students. Be generous.