"Hey, you're missing the point."

Competition is probably pretty stiff in the art suppliers world. In many industries it opens up many vulnerabilities to disclose the ingredients of your product. Suddenly your buyers are inundated by marketing that describes how inferior your diamonds are to the competition's coal product. And you realise how your share of total sales are buoyed up by nothing more than marketing copy, fancy pictures, and the thread of hope that your customers know or care about the difference. So I think they should give some archival standard to measure by but I don't blame them for not hawking up their ingredients to you. It reminds me of those people who come to one of my paintings and their sole interest is, "How did you do that?" It's like, "Hey, you're missing the point."

In Mario A. Robinson’s paintings the world outside is a thin veil of substance animated by the slight breeze of melancholy, brightened with sober color and strengthened by unshakeable compositions. They are populated with subjects imbued of a calm confidence and meditative wisdom. 
Lucky you, if you have his work in your collection!