My little talk with an excellent landscape photographer

John Deckert Brian -- because I'm hooked up with a lot of artists (probably most of them are landscape painters if I took a count) so every day I see a lot of beautiful works every day on Facebook. 
I just want you to know that you and your photographs rank right up at the very top of this amazing pile of art friends and their works. 
You have that special eye for killer compositions, subtlety in color, sensitivity to nature and its myriad forms and the absolutely loveliest sense of delicate details. I especially like it that you speak to us through your pictures not with theories and arguments and discussions. I'm getting breezy thoughts every now and then that sounds like, "Damn. This guy might be the Ansel Adams of our time!"
Please sir. Keep up the good work. I love it.

Brian Lawson Wow, thank you John. I appreciate it even if "the Ansel Adams of our time" seems a bit over the top to me. ;)
What are your thoughts on the color balance on this one? I received a vague "the colors look funny" comment on the ON1 site.

John Deckert Brian -- Relax. You must know by now that anyone that has a way with words can convince almost anyone else that, "There's something funny in the . . . " It's what words are for. They'll convince peaceful people to go to war. They convince honorable men to do dastardly deeds. They convince hard working people to sacrifice everything for a minimal return for the effort. Forget about those convincers.
Those colors are the colors YOU found; the ones YOU responded too. Be fucking proud of it. 
I'm sick of all the talkers talking about what they don't know. If they DID know, they'd be doing it themselves. But they're not . . and YOU are. Rejoice in that. It's why on my website I say, "Speak to me in pictures; Listen to me the same." That's exactly what I mean. You're doing it man. Wear it like a badge of honor and don't listen to the idiots. You're doing the beautiful stuff!
Wow! I got THAT excited without even a beer. LOL 
But I mean it.

And here’s my note to Mark Norseth:
The voice of nature speaking through you right here in this painting.
"Come from this bright light where you reside and chance a walk into the deep mysteries. See there is brightness and great beauty on the other side."